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Osama and Islam
To what extent do Osama bin Laden and his actions and attitudes represent the world of Islam?
By Joseph Aaron /Chicago Jewish News/Jewsweek.com
October 10, 2001
Where there"s smoke, there"s fire. And we all know how much smoke there was at the World Trade Center on Sept. 11 and for days and days and days after.
Massive clouds of black smoke, giant circles of gray smoke, smoldering, hanging, billowing, spewing. Hovering as two giant towers collapsed. Engulfing more than 6,000 human beings, becoming one with 6,000 people who were no more.

Where there"s smoke, there"s fire and until we stop playing games in the name of false unity, fake tolerance, pretend democracy, the sooner those who need to face up to facts, might do so. Or, at least, find it a bit harder to flea from the truth.

I should at this point warn those who are afflicted with severe cases of political correctness or mindless appeasement, that you should probably stop reading this. For what I am about to say may be hazardous to your efforts to hide from reality.

As those who read this space regularly know, I am as liberal as the next guy, in fact, more liberal than most next guys. I am a big believer in people respecting each other, learning from each other, recognizing that while cultures are different, we are essentially all the same.

And, in the current context, yes, of course, I believe we should not blame all of one people for the sins of some of those people; yes, of course, we should not be going out and beating up Muslims; yes, of course, we should not make something out to be what it is not because some make it so.

Yes, of course. Yes, but.

Where there"s smoke, there"s fire.

And from where I sit, there"s as much fire coming from the world of Islam as there has been smoke coming from the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

From where I sit, the world of Islam has gotten off much, much too easy since Sept. 11. Especially from within that world. For there is much they must do in terms of whatever the Muslim equivalent of a cheshbon hanefesh, a spiritual accounting, is. And there is much they must do to do whatever the Muslim equivalent of tshuva, repentance, is.

And yet, they"ve done none of either.

What they"ve done, mostly, way too much, is whine and lie. They"ve whined over and over that it"s unfair to blame Islam, blame all Muslims, for what 19 Muslim hijackers did on Sept. 11, for what Osama bin Laden and his Muslim accomplices masterminded for Sept. 11, for what the Islamic government of Afghanistan did and has done to aid and abet them and him before and after Sept. 11.

They"ve whined that it"s unfair to fault their religion for what a few of their faith did, unfair to say that Islam believes in, let alone encourages such acts, unfair to point the finger at Muslim countries as responsible for world terrorism.

To which I say, wake up and smell the 6,000 dead bodies in New York and the hundreds more at the Pentagon and the hundreds more in Israel, all murdered by Muslims in the name of Islam with the support of Muslim countries and to the cheers of Muslim populaces. With nary a word of condemnation from the leading scholars of whatever the Muslim word is for halachah, religious law.

I don"t know what the Muslim word for chutzpah is, but the Muslim world has been wallowing in it since Sept. 11. Big time.

Indeed, I couldn"t believe what I heard when one of the networks had a panel of experts on after President Bush"s speech to Congress. In it, not once, but twice the president strongly and eloquently defended Islam and said there is no place for any attacks of any kind on Muslim Americans.

And yet. And yet, there sat a top Islamic scholar criticizing Bush, saying how disappointed he was with how little the president said in defense of Islam.

Talk about chutzpah. Only a week before, 19 Islamic hijackers had blown up the World Trade Center and killed more than 6,000 people, almost all of them Americans, and still here was the president of the United States on national television defending both Islam and Muslim Americans. And yet, still here was a Muslim leader whining that Bush didn"t do enough.

In my view, he did too much. For the hard fact is that the world"s Muslims, especially its political and religious leaders, have not done anywhere near enough in the wake of Sept. 11. In fact, they"ve done nothing since Sept. 11 to deal with all they did before Sept. 11 to bring about Sept. 11.

Denial, as they say, especially appropriately here, ain"t just a river in Egypt.

For the hard truth is that, since Sept. 11, the world"s Muslims have done nothing but run away from the truth. And the truth is that the actions of Sept. 11 are not only the face Islam is showing the world today, but is the reality of what Islam, to a very great extent, is today.

I"m talking whatever the Muslim word for tachlis, hard fact, is. I"m not talking about what it says in the Koran or what the prophet Mohammed preached or what the holy books dictate. I"m sure all of that is noble and peaceful and wonderful. But there is what it says in books and there is what people do, what people are shown, how people are led.

And the hard, cold fact is that Islam, to a very great extent, has come, in the world of everyday life, to stand for incredibly brutal and ugly things. And until its leaders and its people face up to that, admit that, nothing will change. Only if they see what they have become, can they be what they once were, what they should be.

There were no more brutal countries on the face of the earth in the middle of the last century than Germany and Japan. They had become something far removed from the best of what their cultures taught and were about. But that did not condemn them to be forever Nazis and Kamikazes or condemn the world to be forever brutalized by them. For they acknowledged what they had become, faced up to it, didn"t try to justify it, accepted guilt, sought atonement. And they changed, recognized how wrong they had gone and made a determined effort to make things right. And now both are forces for peace and good in the world, flourishing democracies at home, ever on guard for any return to the past, ever working to not repeat it.

It can be done, but it can only be done by first seeing and then admitting wrong. Islam is something good, but it has become something horrific. And it will only become good again if it admits how perverted it has become, not by a small handful, but by very many.

Instead of whining that they are being picked on, they should be weeping about how low they have fallen, how far they are from being good and godly.

And how what happened on Sept. 11 was not an aberration, but was inevitable. How what happened on Sept. 11 was the natural and inevitable result of all the hate so many of their leaders have been spewing for so long, all the incitement so many of their followers have been subjected to for so long in so many ways. How what happened on Sept. 11 was but the most dramatic manifestation of the groundwork being laid everyday, the atmosphere and environment that permeates every aspect of the Muslim world, in every corner of it, every day.

Sept. 11 was bound to happen because of all that"s been happening in the Muslim world and all that hasn"t been happening.

It is a fact that of all the Muslim countries in the Middle East, not one, not one, is a democracy. In not one do its citizens have any of the freedoms that make a society healthy, that cause a people to act humanely.

I"m not talking about cultural differences here. Every society and religion has its ways. What I am talking about are the most essential and basic of human freedoms, about things where there should be no differences between any of the human beings on this planet. The freedom to express oneself, to seek out information, to fully utilize one"s abilities and talents, to choose how to live one"s life.

You will not find any of those freedoms in any Muslim country. And that says something about Islam, says a lot about Islam. ": just for the record, the last four wars the big, bad U.S. has fought were to help protect the Muslims of Somalia, Kosovo and Bosnia and to free Islamic Kuwait from the grips of Islamic Iraq. Powerful, arrogant bastards that we are ..."

Islam, as practiced in the world"s Islamic countries, has become a tool of repression and deprivation and brutality, a religion of hate and intolerance and ignorance. Islamic countries are ones where governments, with the assistance of religious leaders, treat their own people in abominable ways, deprive them of even minimal human rights, don"t let them speak freely, don"t let them have any say in who governs them, don"t let them be themselves in any way, rob them of their essential humanity in every way.

Why, one wonders, with globalization and democracy sweeping the globe and making the lives of so many people so much better, is the Middle East the one and only corner of the world where the tide toward democracy has not taken hold at all, in even one Islamic place? And why, one wonders, is every single Muslim country in the Middle East run by a leader who is either crazy or corrupt.

And why, one wonders, is the standard of living in almost every Muslim country of the Middle East the same as it was in 1950. Why has there been no economic progress, why do almost all of its citizens still live in miserable poverty?

If you want to blame the potentates and dictators for all that, even though somehow the Communist countries managed to rid themselves of their tyrants, ask yourself this question.

Why is it that, by far, the two most popular role models in the Islamic countries of the Middle East are Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden? Why do so many families in those countries name their newborn boys Osama?

Explain that to me please. Explain how two such ruthless butchers are role models, are looked up to more than anyone else in countries that say they live by the word of Islam. If Saddam and Osama are the heroes of the Islamic world, how can anyone say that Islam is not at fault, that they are rare exceptions, that they don"t represent the Islamic world?

Ah, but all those bleeding hearts out there will say Muslims look to, look up to Saddam and Osama because the people are hungry and feel powerless and frustrated. And tell me, whose fault is that exactly? And tell me, how is it that they choose the ways of Saddam and Osama as the best way to deal with that hunger and frustration, that it is the path of Saddam and Osama they think best, wish to emulate?

Ah, but all those bleeding hearts out there will say it"s the fault of the arrogant United States, which uses so much of the world"s resources and supports Israel as it occupies Arab land.

First, read that last sentence again, for there is much there. For the fact is that many in the Islamic world do say that and do think that. That how they are is the fault of the United States, which is so powerful and so arrogant, doesn"t care about others. That somehow what we are explains what they are, explains why all those Islamic countries kill their own citizens, persecute their own people, deprive all of essential human rights, spew hatred day and night, do not allow any view not cleared by the government to be aired or written or transmitted.

Somehow, in the last decade or so, much of Latin America and Asia and Europe and Africa have managed to embrace democracy and the new world economy, rid themselves of dictators and brought freedom to their people, embraced the Internet and globalization. That"s taken place everywhere but the Islamic countries of the Middle East.

At what point is that about them and not about us.

And, oh yeah, just for the record, the last four wars the big, bad U.S. has fought were to help protect the Muslims of Somalia, Kosovo and Bosnia and to free Islamic Kuwait from the grips of Islamic Iraq.

Powerful, arrogant bastards that we are.

And, if, indeed, Islam today has not come to be synonymous with hate and murder and if, in fact, Islam today does not encourage acts of terrorism, how is it that so many Muslim leaders have said such ugly things about America since Sept. 11, have made it so clear they intend to do nothing to help us rid the world, the Islamic world, of terrorism, that indeed Islam prevents them from helping us.

How is it that the religious scholars of the main Islamist party in Jordan have forbidden any Islamic cooperation in the anti-terror effort. How is it that one of the leading Islamic clerics in the Gaza Strip told thousands of worshippers during services that the United States is responsible for causing the "severe frustration" that led the World Trade Center terrorists to do what they did.

How is it that a leader of Russia"s Muslims said it was "Zionist special services" who carried out the Sept. 11 terror attacks. How is it that the leaders of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Qatar and Kuwait, who we think of as moderates, all said they would join the anti- terror coalition only if the Unites States targets "Israel"s terrorism against Palestinians."

How is it that the head of the Arab League said there will be no Arab cooperation with the anti-terror effort if Israel is part of it because Israel is "slaughtering Palestinians." How is it that Iran"s supreme leader, Ayatollah Khameini said his nation would not join the anti-terror coalition because "America has its hands deep in blood for all the crimes committed by the Zionist regime." How is it that Lebanon"s leading Islamic cleric, whose religious rulings are accepted throughout the Islamic world, banned all Muslims from helping the United States.

If they are so against terrorism, why will they do nothing to rid the world of it, and refuse to do so in the name of Islam. Now, I realize that all religions, including Judaism, have their nuts who say and do nutty things. Indeed, it was an observant Jew who murdered the prime minister of Israel. And anybody who listened to the outrageous statements of those great Christians Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson blaming the ACLU and gays for what happened on Sept. 11, had to be sickened to their stomach by that blasphemous idiocy.

The point, however, is that you don"t hear the pope or the chief rabbi of Israel or the archbishop of Canterbury or the Dalai Lama say things like the top Islamic leaders I"ve just quoted say. The point is that it is the presidents and prime ministers of Islamic countries, the highest religious officials of Islamic countries, who continually say hateful things about Jews and Americans. The point is that the populations of Islamic countries are fed steady diets, by their highest authorities, standing in mosques, holding the Koran, exhorting them to hate others, calling for holy wars, praising suicide bombers.

Here"s a challenge for you. Name me one Islamic cleric in any Islamic country anywhere in the world who has ever issued a fatwa against suicide bombing or any suicide bomber, against terrorism or any terrorist. Name one.

You won"t be able to.

That silence says it all.

They issued a fatwa against Salman Rushdie for writing a book, called for him to be killed for a writing a book, saying they did it in the name of Islam. Does the name of Islam not call for a fatwa against suicide bombers?

No, today"s Islam calls for Muslims to be suicide bombers, praises them, cheers them on, rewards them.

Name me one Islamic cleric in any Islamic country anywhere in the world who has issued a fatwa against Osama bin Laden. Name me one anywhere, including in the United States.

And name me one, just one Muslim cleric who has condemned one, just one of the hundreds of terrorist attacks that have been perpetrated against Israel in the last year, killing innocent people, killing women, killing babies. In the name of Islam.

From all I"ve read about Islam since Sept. 11, from all I"ve heard from whining Islamic experts on TV since Sept. 11, Islam does not call for hatred of Jews, indeed sees Moses, our Moses, as a great prophet, sees Abraham, our Abraham, as the father of their religion, just as we do of ours.

And indeed, Jews lived in Islamic countries for thousands of years, flourished in those countries, contributed much to those countries. The greatest Jew since Moses, Moses Maimonides, spent his life living in an Islamic country, was court physician to the leader of an Islamic country.

Which tells you not only that there is no Islamic imperative to persecute or kill Jews, but that Jews and Muslims have peacefully lived side by side.

But that was true of the Islam that was, and is meant to be. Not of the Islam that is.

Again, please know that my gripe is not with Islam, which I believe to be a peaceful and noble religion. My gripe is with Islam as it is propounded and practiced today, with the Islam whose leaders spew hatred and encourage murder, who hate Jews and Israel and America and work for their death and destruction.

That has become the essence of Islam, as much as it pretends otherwise.

Every fact, millions of facts all show that Islam today is a religion where the emotion most expressed in the mosques is hatred; where suicide bombing and terrorism are valued as the best expressions of political grievance.

In every Muslim country in the Middle East, the television screens every day are filled with the most vile anti- Semitism and anti-Americanism, with pictures of murderers being hailed as holy martyrs.

In every Muslim country in the Middle East, young children are taught that there is no higher Islamic call, no better way to serve their people and to serve Allah than by killing themselves in the act of killing as many innocent others as possible.

If it is true, and it is, that you can judge a people by who they hate, it is instructive that Islam today most hates Israel and the United States. Think of what those two countries stand for, try to think of any two countries that have brought more, done more good in and for the world.

Then judge what Islam has become by who Islam most despises and works most hard to destroy.

Which brings us to Islam and Israel. For it is in looking at how Islam talks about, how it treats Israel, that one sees the clearest evidence of how far Islam has strayed and how degenerate so many Muslims have become.

How is it that at a world conference dedicated to combating racism in the world, that it was the Islamic countries, and only the Islamic countries, that ignored all else and focused solely on attacking Israel. How is it that it was Islamic countries that used the most vile language about Jews and Israel, that put up posters saying "Hitler should have finished the job." How is it that it was Islamic countries that labeled Israel as racist when it was the Islamic countries which forced all Jews to leave after 1948.

How is it that every single major Arab newspaper, all of which are controlled by the government, everyday gives prominent front page play to stories dripping with anti-Semitism, that call Israeli officials Nazis, say the Holocaust is a fable, routinely blame Jews for the killing of Jesus.

How is it that top Palestinian officials and clerics have said and ruled that there is absolutely no evidence of any Jewish connection to the Western Wall, Judaism"s holiest place.

How is it that Palestinians by the thousands held parades and gave out candies, laughed and cheered, to celebrate Sept. 11, put on an exhibition at a Palestinian university honoring the Jerusalem pizza shop bombing that killed seven Jewish babies.

How is it that in Egypt, the seat of Islamic culture, seen as the most moderate of Islamic countries, that the most popular song, sung by the most popular pop star is "I Hate Israel."

How is it that intellectual and academic societies in Jordan, another moderate, expel and ostracize any of its members who have anything to do with their Israeli counterparts.

How is it that a pan-Islamic summit, which included the leaders of every Muslim country, recently passed a resolution calling for "the destruction of Israel."

In the name of Islam.

And, oh yeah, did I mention that just a year ago, the prime minister of Israel was prepared to agree to the establishment of a state for the Palestinians, for Palestinians to rule over half of Jerusalem, have sovereignty over the Temple Mount and have 98 percent of their demands met.

Racist infidel bastards that we are.

The United States changes the name of its anti-terror operation in deference to Muslim sensibilities. Showing America"s true colors. Afghanistan religious leaders issue a religious ruling that it is more important for them to be good hosts to Osama bin Laden than bring that mass murderer to justice. Showing Islam"s true colors. The Jewish state is ready to go so far as to give up half of our holy city if it will mean real peace with our neighbors, our cousins. Showing Israel"s true colors. Just this week, the official Palestinian Authority spokesman, Hanan Ashrawi, said, "it"s a very racist approach that Israel is a Jewish state and therefore it has to remain a Jewish state."

Showing Islam"s true colors.

It is racist for Israel to be a Jewish state. But it is not racist to call for, kill for the destruction of the Jewish state. Today"s Islam.

Today"s Islam has Osama bin Laden issue a fax to all his Muslim brothers saying "where there are Americans and Jews, they will be targeted."

And has not one Islamic leader denounce that, has most Islamic leaders refusing to lift a finger to help fight that.

"Where there are Americans and Jews, they will be targeted." The only difference between the 21 young Jews blown to pieces at a Tel Aviv disco and the 15 Jews blown to pieces at a Jerusalem pizzeria and the 6,000 people blown to pieces at the World Trade Center, is the scale.

That is the only difference. In all other ways, they were exactly the same.

Each horror carried out by Muslims who believed, who were told to believe they were doing Allah"s will, who were working on orders from Islamic holy men, who were assured a place in Islamic heaven. Each horror carried out by Muslims with the help of Muslim countries and governments, with the support of Muslim clerics.

Muslims who deliberately and savagely killed innocent human beings. For absolutely no reason but hate and absolutely in the name of Islam.

Where there"s smoke, there"s fire.

If this is not the face of Islam, why are Osama and Saddam role models to the average Muslim, why do Islamic religious leaders make terrorists religious heroes, why do so many Muslim countries host and assist and fund and support and arm and supply and protect terrorist organizations.

The attacks on America on Sept. 11, and the attacks on Israel everyday of the last year, were done by Muslims, masterminded by Muslims, cheered by Muslims, encouraged by Muslims, supported by Muslims.

Not by every single one of the world"s billion Muslims, of course, but by many, very many, too many, and by virtually all of the most powerful, the leaders of Islamic countries, the leaders of the Islamic religion.

Think for a minute. Have you noticed how no Islamic leader has condemned what happened on Sept. 11. Yes, they"ve issued expressions of sorrow, regret at the loss of life, some even saying they"re willing to help.

But no expression of condemnation. Did you notice that at the national prayer service in Washington, that the Islamic representative who spoke, talked about the tears in Muslim eyes and the ache in Muslim hearts, but didn"t in anyway, let alone forcefully, condemn those who did it and what they did.

This is not playing word games. There is a big difference between expressing sorrow and regret for the loss of life, on the one hand, and condemning those who caused the sorrow and the loss of life, on the other. The first is for us, is about us. The second is for themselves, about them.

The second part they haven"t done. For all their tears, most shed complaining how hard all this has been on them, Muslim leaders have not condemned the terrorism, recognized how much their religion is responsible for this, recognized what their religion has become.

Osama bin Laden didn"t happen in a vacuum. Those 19 hijackers didn"t happen in a vacuum. Suicide bomber after suicide bomber didn"t happen in a vacuum. The Palestinians cheering Sept. 11 didn"t happen in a vacuum. Saddam Hussein didn"t happen in a vacuum. Terrorism didn"t happen in a vacuum.

We can all pretend that vacuum is the United States and Israel. Or we see that all that has come from one part of the world, where the only countries, except one, are Muslim and where there is one dominant religion, Islam.

Only once Muslims see that, acknowledge that and begin to change that, can Islam be what it truly is, instead of what it has become.

Only once Muslims look within themselves, instead of blaming others, only once they see that having a political or religious dispute with America and Israel is one thing, and desiring to kill all Americans and destroy all Jews is something very different, can they begin to do what they most need to do.

{ Joseph Aaron writes for the Chicago Jewish News. }
": just for the record, the last four wars the big, bad U.S. has fought were to help protect the Muslims of Somalia, Kosovo and Bosnia and to free Islamic Kuwait from the grips of Islamic Iraq. Powerful, arrogant bastards that we are ..."

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